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Find Your Supplier

We examined 1000s of OIZ companies for you and labeled the companies according to their features such as products, manufacturing methods, and services they offer. Find your supplier by entering the business, service or product name you need, thanks to our database.

Create Your Company Profile


Ikanay allows you to create your company profile. In this way;

  • You can promote your company as you wish

  • Thanks to 17 Language Options and 17 Region Support, you can increase your brand awareness and export rate.

  • Open purchase requests and request quotes

  • You can review opened purchase requests and make offers to your new customers.

  • You can instant message with members 

  • You can create communities with your professional groups, suppliers or customers 

  • You can archive your recurring purchase request files on your private private page 

  • You can get detailed information by following the company profiles that interest you.

  • You can instantly inform your followers through your profile.

Don't Just Protect Your Market Share. Increase Your Market Share!


Thanks to 17 language options, 17 region support and expert SEO tags, rank high in searches not only in Turkey but also abroad. In this way, you can not only protect your market share but also increase it thanks to your brand awareness both at home and abroad.

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